Monday, March 14, 2011

Manic Monday!!!

Grrrrr.... isn't that the way the week always starts, lol. I have been so scatter brained for the last year and I need some organization, lol. I think even my blog needs it so I am going to break my log down to a different category each day of the week. Today is Manic Monday, which it is, and will become my day to talk about whatever I want. Especially ideas of projects I want to do or need to finish. Yesterday I went to the Borders in Dearborn (Michigan) where they are having the closing sale. I found myself with a chin high pile of books and a lot of people staring at me like I was crazy, including my wonderful boyfriend. He doesn't understand my need for the How to Make Soap Book, Intro to Woodworking Book, Learn to Knit Book, Yarn Dyeing Book, Gourmet Cookbook, New Wave Crochet Book, or my many doll magazines. How do I explain that I may one day decide to make my own soap or that I need to have these gourmet recipes, when I don't have supplies to make soap and I never cook. Hmmmmmmm quite the dilemma, especially when I have a craft room full of crafting supplies I never have the time or motivation to use. So I need to set myself up with a way to create in a more organized way. So today when I get home from work I plan on starting to organize my life..........and maybe cook a lil dinner while I'm at it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Yeah!! I have Internet!!!

Well, finally, I am back!!! So much going on right now!!! But just wanted to post that first blog after being away for sooooo long. Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!!