Monday, December 6, 2010

A World of Color

 The first 2 pics above and below are my daughter Emma's room. Because the girls had never had a room of their own, I let them go crazy and pick the colors. Emma's is not so bad, 3 walls were pink and one wall plus ceiling were lavender, the trim was hot pink.
 The bottom 2 are Alex's room, 3 walls are electric lime green (day-glo and really shocking), the trim is hot pink, and one wall (not shown) is cosmic grape.
 Note the plack below (Drama Queen) and believe it. She is one complicated cookie but that also makes her soooo awesome. All their friends love their rooms. Of course it wasn't till later that I wondered how the heck I am going to paint over electric lime green, grrrrrrrrr.....


  1. I would have loved to have a colorful room like that when I was a little girl. Love it!

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  2. How cute!
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    you as well....