Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easy Paper Flower Napkin Rings!!

I absolutely love paper flowers. I have seen some amazing, highly detailed, and colorful versions from many artist. I have my May flower themed Bunco Party coming up and want plenty of flowers. I wish I had the time to create the big many petaled flowers I have seen but with my job I just don't, so I make mine from floral printed scrapbook paper. These were made using the DCWV Premium Stacks 12"x12"  'The Sweet Stack' with Glitter. I picked a sparkling pink flower print seen below (this is the thicker paper also kinda like card stock).                                                                   

I cut out the medium and medium small flowers that I needed for my project, there are many sizes so you can use the bigger flowers if you like.

Next I cut between the petals, for the larger, the petals are every two bumps. For the smaller I made every bump a petal as seen below.

Once it was cut I trimmed the petals to give them a rounded shape.

I then bend the petals up, only bending the alternate petals of each flower.

I then glue the smaller flower onto the larger flower and shape them till I'm satisfied.

I love the way they look when you get a bunch together.

After I finish the flowers it's time to get out the cricut (which is great for flowers to). I made these paper napkin rings using the Border 3 from the Story Book cartridge set at 1 1/4 size.

Finally I wrap the plastic silverware in a napkin and wrap the paper ring around it, I used tape to hold it but you can use what ever you like. Then I just stuck the flower on top with some tape.

I can't wait for my party!! I still have so much to do but thought I would share this idea, which is great for baby showers or other events when you want to add a small personal touch. Hope you enjoyed the pics.                                                                                                                                                          

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