Sunday, May 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home Sunday!!!

 Oh how I love my house, problems and all. With Spring here all my crazy flowers were bloomin!!! Every year I am surprised by something new in my yard that I didn't plant!!! When I bought the house the yard was so over grown with weeds you couldn't even walk through it. By the time we moved in it was fall and it was all dead. My first year I found out I have 3 Mulberry trees along my back fence, the perfect area.
 My trees are already starting to get their berries ready for the late summer. These mulberry trees are of the lobed leaf variety, it took me awhile to figure that out since most pics of mulberry trees show the smooth heart shaped leafs. I can't wait till the berries are ripe. 

Last year I planted my Azalias, two pink and three orange. Here they are this year looking healthy and blooming (which is crazy because I have the worst soil ever). I can't wait to see them a few years from now when they are much bigger.                                                      
And finally a picture of my yard!! This year there was actually a lil grass to mow (still mostly weeds).
I hope to show some pics of my roses soon, the bush is looking pretty good. I also planted a Hydrangea but am waiting to see if it will survive, I got it for mothers day and it was starting to die in the basket so I planted it, also hoping to plant my raspberry bush today!!!! So much to do!!!!

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