Tuesday, November 9, 2010

20 Facts About Me!!

I would love to share 20 facts about myself. If you have any of them in common let me know!!

1. I love Bruce Campbell (yes...I love my boyfriend too, but Bruce will always have a special place in my heart)!

2. I love the dragonfly, any dragonfly, anything to do with the dragonfly!!!!!

3. Clutch is my fave band in the world!!! I guess they would fall in the catagory of southern rock, maybe, but I doubt it.

4. I love pointy toed shoes, don't know why. I used to hate them but have definately become quite fond of them.

5. I recently quit my job, after a falling out with my boss who had become my closest friend, I still feeling pretty low about this but it was for the best. I found there were sides to her that I could not respect, but I will always regret that things happened the way they did.

6. I love scary movies!! All of them, no matter how cheesy!

7. I love to cook, but I hate the clean up, I often dream of a world where dishes washed themselves.

8. I have ADHD, which just does not do for a creative person, I get tons of great ideas with no ambition to follow through, I am working on this.

9. I have 2 girls, they are my world.

10. I love Red Vine licorice, in second place would have been Delfa Rolls, otherwise known as Danish Ribbons, they no longer make them but Broadway makes a simillar roll.I bought a whole box once on Ebay, they were pretty good, but still not the same.

11. I love Trivia.

12. I have the best boyfriend in the world ( I know your probibly saying " that can't be, I have the best boyfriend/ husband" but I am afraid you would be wrong, lol, jk).

13. I have 2 cats, they drive me nuts!!

14. One of my closest friends is my kids step-mom, (and no I did not know her before my ex and I split). She is my best ally when it comes to my kids.

15. I love reading others blogs more then I like posting my own, lol.

16. I am heavily addicted to gummy bears (oh the shame....)

17. I used to be part of the rave scene, lots of good times, lots of bad times.

18. I love self-help books, and DIY books. Really I love all books.

19. I hate shopping, but I love browsing.

20. I take a sick pleasure in paying other people compliments, I can't help myself.

Well that's about it, a lil about me.

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