Sunday, November 7, 2010

Attack of the Hood Squirrels!!!

We have been taken over by a gang of squirrels in my nieghborhood. There are at least 40 of them on my block alone, 1-3 to each house, and if another squirrel comes into their side of the hood they bark at each other. I myself have 3 rather domesticated vermin myself. This one, a gray one and a black one (which the other day jumped on my screen with a chocolate donut in his mouth and rapped on the frame of the window till he got my attention, he then dropped the donut on the window sill, did I tell you chocolate donuts are my fave, creepy). So I guess a quick shout out to my neighbor who feeds his squirrels, and now mine are feeling a little left out, grrrr.....

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  1. Me gustan mucho estas fotos con los gatos y las ardillas ! Gracias por tu visita ! Saludos des de Catalunya . Anna