Monday, November 29, 2010

My Niece Peytons New Scarf!!!

I finally finished Peyton's scarf. It's crochet, no pattern, I just made some circles and sewed them all together. I put 2 buttons on it and left the center of one circle loose for the button hole ( normally I wouldn't use buttons for a lil one but she is really great about buttons). She can wear the scarf 2 ways, one way (below) is with a single row around the neck making it longer.                                                          
 The second is double wrapped around the neck for extra warmth ( her mom likes the buttons to keep it on).
 She is pretty happy with it, lol, but the hat I made was to small *pout*. Oh well going to work on it now.


  1. Your daughter is really cute and very pretty.

  2. The scarf is adorable and she looks very pleased with it :-)