Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No More Pop!!!

Went to the doctors and decided (after a fighting match with their scale, I lost) to do something about my weight gain......grrrrr. I put on 40 pounds after I got my promotion to office manager and then put on another 20 pounds on top of that after I quit because of the lack of excercise. That puts me at 198 pounds, which is crazy since I still fit in my size 10 pants I wore at 160 pounds. I have no idea where all the weight is going but I think it may be related to the Black Mold poisoning I went through (one of the signs is difficulty losing weight, among many other symtoms I had). I have a feeling that there may still be some lingering in the basement somewhere *pout*. So first step is eating out less, which is going great, I have been cooking a lot more and adding more and more fresh ingredients to my meal planning. Now onto step 2, getting rid of the pop, this has always been my biggest problem. Caffeine withdrawl is just no fun but I have bought some caffeine pills to help with elimanating it slowly. Wish me luck!!!!
A memory of skinny me to get me motivated (me and my friend Mike H.)

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